Friday, May 26, 2006

My number is up.

7 Ft Numbers
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This is an example of some of the stuff I'd worked on at Grady. Brandhorst had so many cool things going on at that school. I felt as if I were back in college, down in the sculpture department. If I'd had some beers and stayed up until 3am, maybe I could have finished these.... Hey, it worked when I was in college!
I was flattered again today by some of my students. One, very talented girl, gave me two of her photos. She's going to Parsons in NYC. Also, her and another AP Art student included me in their Senior Wills. I was floored. Flattered and floored. That's a good way to leave it I suppose.
Enough about the dream job. Audrey has pink eye again.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


- self -
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Tomorrow will be my last day at the DREAM JOB which is Grady High School. I am so glad that I took the position, even though a permanent job didn't come of it. These kids renewed in me a desire to teach. I was only there for 7 weeks and I'm flattered to learn that I made an impression on these kids. Several of them asked me to sign their yearbooks. HA! I was at a loss for words.... at first (you know me), but then, was quick to let them know how inspiring they had been. My creative juices are flowing again. I have been painting all week, albeit very small pieces, but I'VE BEEN PAINTING. I have them to thank.
I so wish that I could return in August. These are some of the best, most talented students I've ever been around. On top of that, they are just plain 'cool'. I was never that cool in high school.

Next year, I will be teaching elementary school. I will split my time between two schools in Dunwoody. I'm excited, but now that I've had my Dream Job for the past 7 weeks, I feel that my calling might be high school. I've had a taste of how great it can be. Tomorrow I'll be a little bit sad.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


I guess I just didn't know what to feed her. I was rummaging through my mother's cabinets trying to find something for Audrey to eat. I tried giving her a boca burger, she ate one bite. I tried feeding her a fruit cup, she ate one bite. My mom finally said, "Why don't you make her a grilled cheese?"
Scoff. "A grilled cheese? I don't think she's ready for that."
My mom made one anyway and Audrey scarfed it down. It was like she was trying to see how many grapes she could stuff in her mouth. I thought she might gag from cheese overload. It was a relief when she finally pushed the plate away and refused to complete the 'power eat'.
Grilled Cheese Forevah.
Brought to you by Kraft Singles. Start clogging your kid's arteries early on. They enjoy it.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A year in the life of Audrey Rose

One Year of Audrey
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12 month stats:
Weight- 25lbs(95th percentile) Height- 32" (off the charts!)

My favorite thing about you is: The way you walk. The way you talk. The giggles. The shiver face. The way you ask to be held (by holding your arms up and giving me pout face). The way you get excited when I'm making food and say, "MMMMMMMM!" The way you dance (by just moving your butt up and down). And so many more.
The most frustrating thing about parenting is: Working an 8 hour day (at first I typed 89 hour day..yeah that's more like it) and trying to be energetic and playful for you when I get home. I HATE HATE HATE it that I have to work.
What I'm most looking forward to is: Your first full sentence. I wonder what it will be. I think it will be something like, "Ma Ma you Dog Thank You."
Words that you can say: Hi!, Da-Da, Ma-Ma, Dog, Car, Bye-Bye, Bah-Bah (bottle), Thank you (sounds more like Tu Tu), Papaw, Uh-Oh!, Mmmmmm!
The biggest relief would be: If you'd learn how to get DOWN the stairs safely. There have been two times that you have bolted out of your room and headed straight for those stairs. I was lucky enough to catch you just before you lifted your foot inches away from the deadly drop. Also, even bigger than that, I would be thrilled if you would get over your ear infections. You've had 8 shots in the past 4 days. I'm scared the doctors are going to suggest that you have an operation.
Some of the funny things you've done lately: Daddy and I were trying to teach you the "Indian Call" so we opened our mouths into circles, made an "AH!" sound, cupped our hands and repeatedly placed them in front of our lips. You liked the sound. Instead of trying it yourself, each time we stopped, you took our hand in yours and pushed it back towards our mouths. You were much more entertained by our silliness than attempting to learn it yourself.
Tonight, we tried brushing our teeth for the first time. You were in the bathtub and I took the tooth brush and brushed my teeth first (faked it guys). Then, I handed it to you and said, "Brushy! Brushy!" You looked at me a little confused, took the tooth brush and started brushing your hair with it. I gotta give it to you. At least you know what brush means. We'll try again tomorrow.
The way you learned how to say thank you: I was wiping your nose with a tissue and you grabbed it from me. You tore it in two and handed me one half. I said, "Tissue, Thank You!" You said, "Titu, Tu Tu!" and then you tore your tissue in two again and gave me half. The hilarity ensued. We finally got you to say 'Thank you' without the 'tissue' in front.
Audrey, thank you for reminding me how precious and important each and every person's life is. Since you came into mine, I have kept a positive attitude, been very thankful for the people I know and the family I have, and I laugh a lot more. This past year has been an eye-opener. I couldn't be happier that you're here, healthy and a person I can't wait to get to know better.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Aftermath

My sister Julie after the party:
"OH! Was that Pez Girl?"
"So, does she really collect Pez or just eat them?"
"No, she really collects them."
"Do you read Gratuitous Dumbassitude?"
"Yeah! I thought he looked familiar."
"Well that was him, and the girl he was with, his wife, is Geester."
"Yeah, and Preggo..that was the one with Little Ethan."
"And Kitely.."
"Yep, Kitely Mae."
The only one missing was Heglund. I SO wanted my sister to meet him.
So there. You all are somewhat famous. I thought you might want to know.
(To read more about them- check the links to the right.)

Saturday, May 13, 2006


A big thank you to everyone that was able to celebrate with us. I know I'm not great at showing it, but it really meant so much to have you there. We love each and every one of you!!!
I am a little sad to report that in Round One of Cake vs. Face, the Face came out on top. Audrey didn't even attempt to plant her face in the cake. She hated having the icing stick to her hands, better hope for next year's bout.

By the way, all of the photo credits go to my sister. I don't know what was wrong with me, but I just didn't feel like snapping shots today. Humph. I must be coming down with something.

On the whole, I think Audrey very much enjoyed her first taste of sugar, a.k.a. crack. Even more than sugar, Audrey loved having everyone sing to her. For me, that was the best part. I sat the cake down in front of her and she politely waited for the singing to stop before she cautiously picked at the icing.
I really thought she would go beserk. This child never ceases to amaze me. And neither do my friends for that matter. I hope you will all join us for Round Two. It wouldn't be the same without you.