Monday, January 03, 2011

Slowing it Down

After three of the busiest months of my life, I am finally taking time to breathe again. And guess what that means? More pictures of MY kids and MY family!
I joke, but I think they're happy to have me back after such a long stint. I think that because there were no complaints about me toting my camera around yesterday. No shying away. Lots of smiling on command. In fact, Audrey even set up her own shots. She's a pretty good creative director. It was great.

I missed taking pictures of my girls.

They are the two busiest girls in the world. They never stop talking, moving, making or messing. They can literally tear the house apart in a matter of minutes. I swear. Case in point: This past weekend, Tim and I started cleaning the house after taking down the tree. We cleaned the living room and moved on into the kitchen. By the time the kitchen was spic and span, we walked back into the living room... it was trashed! Trashed!

I don't really have anything important or profound to say. I'm just glad to be adopting a slower, more relaxed pace.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Cool Tricks

She's as wild as the hair about her head.
Every day is full of surprises. I sometimes can't wrap my head around the words that come from her perfectly shaped mouth. I have to remind myself that she's only two and a half.

When she's tired her hands always reach for my hair. She hums.
If I'm lucky, she plants a big, wonderful, sincere kiss on my lips while she cradles my chin in her chubby palms. "My Enchila" she calls me. (My Angela, to you.)

I mostly love the songs she makes up while playing alone.
And she's already making up her own words.
Imparpable: "When it's dark and then the sun's coming up."

She makes all of us laugh, especially her Sissy. They love each other.
I had to stop myself today. I looked over and thought they were wrestling and picking at each other. I was about to snap at them and pull them apart , discipline them, when I realized they were having a Love Fest. Who in their right mind would break that up?

Harper is my Snuggler.

Life with you, Harper, is gonna be one helluva ride.
Always looking forward, never looking back.