Sunday, August 27, 2006

She said it.

She said, "I love you." Tim heard her say it when he was feeding her dinner. I didn't hear it until I was rocking her to sleep and asked her to say it. She did. And, she only said it once. It is the cutest thing to ever come out of her mouth. Well, "Please!" is pretty cute too because it's so high-pitched. Naw. Nothing beats hearing your own child say, "I love you."

We went on our first picnic today too! Tim finally gave in. I've been asking him to do all sorts of outdoorsy things lately. He says it's too hot. Well, today wasn't so bad.
Double-fisted fork finds sweet georgia peaches too slow to reach mouth.What a difference a swing makes in the life of a toddler.
She loved the peaches. She was double-fisting it with the forks! She cried when we took her out of the swing.

The best part of the day was watching her run around in the wide-open. She was loving it. I could barely photograph her! She wouldn't be still for one second!
The Great Outdoors

And here is my favorite shot of the day:
Picnics are Awesome!

I just love seeing her happy like that. She's been teething again, so we hear a lot of the uncomfortable whining. Teething must really suck. I hate it for her. She's got two coming in at the same time.

I have been going non-stop since work started. I forget to even look at my cell phone. I forget which emails I've responded to and which ones I haven't. Please forgive me if you are reading this and you're thinking, "Yeah. Yeah. You're such a loser." You're right. But still, please forgive me.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

15 Months going on 3 years.

a glimpse of audrey as a crabby old woman

My favorite thing about you is: I love when you and daddy come get me up in the morning. You lean over me and say, "Hi mama. Hi mama. Hi mama." until I open my eyes and say, "Good mornin' sugar bear!"
I also adore how you will stick your hand out now as a cue for me to give you my finger. You know that we need to hold hands when we're walking in public.
I love how you clap your hands twice and then open your arms for me to pick you up.
I love how you are learning to say 'please'. It sounds nothing like 'please' and everything like a small high-pitched squeak. I can't get enough of that.
I love watching you fall asleep in the car or in your stroller. You fight it. It's an extension of your personality, I'm sure. You are such a determined little girl.
I also love how you stare out the car window. Your eyes go back and forth very quickly from object to object. You are soaking it all in. Also, you are really starting to make some funny faces. I wonder if you'll have plastic-face like your dad!

i could paint the world with a brush this size...

The biggest relief would be:
if you would drink milk! A couple weeks ago we quit the bottle cold turkey. You were none too pleased. You have boycotted milk ever since! I think I'm tricking you by saying, "Want some wah-wah?" You know as soon as the straw comes close to your lips that it's not wah-wah and you furiously shake your head NO!. I'm beginning to get worried that you'll never drink milk again. I haven't devised a plan yet. I'm stumped. You've stumped me and you're only one!

couch potato phenomenon: one year old already has perfect form.  too bad the only entertainment she gets is from her parents

What I’m most looking forward to is:
for you to start speaking in sentences. I know you are so frustrated when daddy and I don't understand you. I can see in your eyes. You know exactly what you want, but you just can't tell us. You have been very whiney lately. I know that's why. It hurts me that I can't figure you out sometimes. I feel like I'm failing you somehow. It used to be so easy when you were little. You'd cry because you needed to be fed, nursed, put down for a nap or changed. Now, there are so many reasons why you might be crying: you want to leave the room, you want to touch the radio, you want lotion on your hand, you want me to hold you, you want down, you want up, you want more food, you want your red and purple sippy's just so hard to know.

New words: UP! , down, uh-huh, please! , Audrey (only once so far), more, sock, moo, shhhh! , i cute? and she kind of counts. we're working on it. the only number that sounds correct is 'two'.


Some of the funny things you've done lately: uh, just this morning you amazed us with how much you ate. You had two eggs, a piece of buttered toast, 2 soysage links, and half of a lemon poppyseed pancake! You were still signing for more, even after all of our plates were licked clean.
You stuck your finger in your nose for the first time. As much as we didn't want to laugh, it was too funny not to.
I was looking for my cc statement one night to place it in my files. I knew it was in the bedroom somewhere. I had JUST seen it! I found it the next morning- in the toilet. My sentiments exactly. How did you get so smart?
And last night, Tim and I did an experiment on you. It was an experiment to see if you were/are self-aware. What we did is, took some lipstick and drew a dot on your nose. We placed you in front of the bathroom mirror. You could have done one of two things: touched the red dot in the mirror or touched the red dot on your nose. The former would show that you think your reflection is a different person. The latter would show that you are aware that you exist as your own person. You proved your identity! It was so funny to watch. You KNOW that you are Audrey Rose. How awesome is that?

a test in self-awareness: photo 1 of 3
a test in self-awareness: photo 2 of 3
a test in self-awareness: photo 3 of 3

The only thing I'm hating right now is that I don't get to see you much anymore. Starting tomorrow, most likey, I will be leaving for work before you get up. I'll pick you up from school at 4:00 and feed you and bathe you. At 6:30 you'll be ready for bed. Two and a half hours. That's all I get. I want to cry right now, just thinking about it. I miss you already.
Please don't forget that even though you spend more time with complete strangers, I love you the most!

Side note:
I think America is screwed up! It isn't fair that both parents have to work two jobs only to have their children be brought up by strangers. Don't you think that's screwy? And if you're a single mom or dad? I won't even go there.
Priorities people. Priorities.
I'll stop, before this gets political.

Friday, August 04, 2006



Audrey had her 15 month appointment today. Yes, we went a little early because I start back to work next week and was trying to avoid missing a day.
I'll give you the update on the 13th, as usual. Why break tradition?

I will tell you that Audrey has become independent overnight. Two days ago I decided to pull out the sewing machine and make some more bibs/aprons. In order to do this, Audrey would have the run of the entire house. I gave it a shot. She was great. She DID, that day go up and down the stairs all by herself though. I was nervous, but I just watched her from afar and gave encouraging words like, "Watch what you're doing!", "Be careful!", "Hold on tight!". She refuses to squat or scoot up and down. She must walk and use the hand rail. And believe it or not, she's acutally tall enough to do so.

We have also completely eliminated the bottle. Cold turkey. I said to her right before her nap, "No ba-ba. We're trying something new. It's time for you to take a nappy all on your own Bgirl. No ba-ba and no rocky. Nappy time."
I placed her gently in her crib, turned on some lite rock for her and shut the door. She wimpered for a minute and then fell asleep.

Wow. Nothing has been that easy lately. She did well with the same routine for bedtime. I hope she keeps it up.

Oh, also this week... she mastered the art of drinking from a straw.
So, much more to tell you, but I'll save it for the real update in a week or so.

I've been so busy this week. Sorry if you feel neglected.
News: Suzanne is now an official Librarian!
El Brown is engaged!
My nephew Brian is also engaged!
My sister sold and bought a new house in 2 weeks!
I get to spend $100 on Georgia's tab for being a teacher!
I got my trusty camera back!