Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good-bye Crib, Hello Big Girl Bed.

G'Bye Crib!

Well, this was past due seeing as Harper had outsmarted her crib a little over a month ago.

She was not sad to see her crib go down. She has not asked for it back. As a matter of fact, after Tim had taken it apart and propped up against the wall Harper walked over to it, rested her hand upon the sideways turned head of the crib and said, "Bye-Bye Crib." She lingered there for only a minute before she said, "HELLLLLOOOO BIG GIRL BED!" and dove into the cute little toddler-sized platform bed that her dad made just for her.
I thought it sweet for her to acknowledge her long term relationship with her crib and give it a much deserved farewell.
trying it out for the first time
Audrey helped her break in the new sleeping grounds. This picture is the very first moment in her bed. Look how excited she is! She kept clapping- she was so happy. Serious excitement.
She is so proud to be more like a big girl. Now, if we could just get her on board with the potty training bit. She's so stubborn about it.
And I have to say, I was really worried about this backfiring on us. Much to my surprise, she stayed in it last night (only fell out once) and then ended up waking at 4am to crawl into bed with us (as usual). We haven't had to do the "Get back in bed!" thing at all (yet).
And since Audrey is away for a week, I think the transition will go more smoothly. We can just focus on Harps.

Hello Big Girl Bed!

I had to sneak in there tonight and grab one picture. She initially fell asleep with both hands behind her head. As you can see, one hand moved in order to touch the sippy cup. She loves her ice cold milk. *Every drink is referred to as "ice cold".
Oh, and Stripey. Stripey's the bunny. She promised Audrey that she would sleep with it and protect it from the dogs. She held up to her promise, Audrey. You'd be so proud.

A Shot in the Dark

Other things Harper is doing: She has learned to give the "Thumbs Up!" sign. She's mastered the cool trick of balancing a spoon on her nose. (I'm going to have to video this. It's hysterically funny.) She can put her own shoes on. She is talking our heads off! She buckles herself in the car seat. Pretty soon she'll be ruling the world.

And yes, I'm a little saddened by the fact that my kids are growing up so quickly. But Harper, even more-so than Audrey at this age, cannot wait to be a big girl. So, I'm going to embrace that and not hold her back... as hard as it may be at times.