Saturday, March 02, 2013


Why is it that every day of the week I struggle to wake my children up in time for school and then, on Saturday morning, when I most desperately want to sleep in, they wake up at 6am?

I was sleeping hard when I heard the cutest high-pitched, “Momma, I’m thirsty” whispered in my ear.

“Hi Thirsty, I’m Sleepy.”
“No. Momma, I’m really thirsty.”
“Go drink from the bathroom sink.”
“Momma! It’s time to get up.”
“No. No it’s really not. Go back to sleep.”
“But I want to play and watch TV.”
“Go play and watch TV but don’t make any messes.”

Harper crawled out of our warm bed and before leaving she flipped on the lights and turned the covers down on me.
“There,” she said revengefully, “now you’re cold. It’s time to get up.”

Little stinker!

Monday morning is going to be Hell for her.

P.S. The girls attempted to make a cake this morning. The mixing bowl was sitting in the middle of the couch when I shuffled into the living room.

PS.S. Audrey just read over this and tacked on “naked” to end of that last sentence above.

She said it was true and it would make a better ending.



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