Friday, January 04, 2013

Day Four

I'm already over the 365 Project. Four days in and it's becoming a chore. But hey, here's your picture:

Johnny Football

The next time I buy a bag of oranges, I'm going to attempt this.

Not long after we placed our sushi order , A Very Nice Sushi Chef made one of these for me for no reason. Maybe he knew it was a night to celebrate? (Probably not.) But it sure made me feel a little special. After admiring it, we set it aside to eat at the end of the meal. While I wasn't looking, one of the overzealous waitresses cleared it from the bar! My friend nobly tried to run her down, tackle her and bring back my bear,  to no avail. It was rudely discarded.
The same Very Nice Sushi Chef saw what happened and before I had time to truly lament, he presented another.

I don't know why I shared that story other than to point out that generosity is is pretty damn cool.


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