Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One of A Kind

Harper, in a week and a half you're turning one.
This blows my mind.
Time is flying by at lightning speed and I feel like you just skipped your babyhood (if that's even a word). In my mind, you never acted much like a baby anyway. Nonetheless, it's sad that this stage is almost over.
You've rushed through every milestone. You are in such a hurry to catch up with your big sister. It's obvious.

she's into making funny faces

You have such a strong will. A very strong will. And you are into e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

I had no idea the extent to which you pay attention to your surroundings. It seems as if you always have your head down, watching your little fat feet race across the room or trying to quickly open drawers and doors before I catch up to you. You must be watching me out of the corner of your eye though because just the other day, you picked up Mama's phone, flipped it open and said, "Hello!"
I was floored. Wha? How? When? Just who do you think you are? You're not even one!
You darted toward the CD tower and just when you pulled out two and I simultaneously warned, "Eh!Eh!" you put them back. You put them back!&@!! and smiled.
You also attempt to dress yourself. You haven't mastered the getting your head inside the shirt part, but you've got the right motion down. You can already ride the Corn Popper around the room like a pro. You've started pointing to things and that, by far, is the cutest thing of all right now. That, and your little tiny voice. Oh, and the bear hugs you give me when I pick you up from school. No wait, maybe it's the kissy face and sound that goes along with it. That reminds me: I must record your laugh before it changes again.
i love being outside!!!
You are something else. That's what everyone says about you.
It's so true.

I'm gearing up to make a birthday cake for you. The traditional Cake vs. Face theme is in total effect. Don't let me down. I have a feeling the cake will win this year. I want to see Face covered in Cake. That's the way it should be.

If you're reading this and want to come help us celebrate...come on out! The invites have yet to be mailed. Everyone's welcome!

Seriously. I can't believe she'll be one.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Her First Performance

her class, minus the one boy
Audrey, I've been proud of you before but never as proud as I was during your recital.
It had nothing to do with ballet and everything to do with your tenacity and drive. You are a force. A delightful, positive, inspiring and moving force.
I knew you were proud of yourself as well. I could see it in your expression as you warmed up your engine and took off as an airplane and as you marched in a circle with a very serious and determined step. You put on a masterful performance. I could not stop smiling or exchanging glances with the grandparents.
I know it must have felt as if all eyes were on you. And I apologize for taking way too many pictures and tearing up just a little as I watched. I was a little embarrassed at being One of Those Moms but I couldn't help it! You were ridiculously cute.

As I was standing there, taking it all in I found myself realizing that this was/is the beginning of a new era: The "That's MY kid!" Era. I found myself fast-forwarding to the future- the first time swimming underwater, the first day of kindergarten, the first time riding a bike unassisted, the small moments, the monumental moments, the realizations and revelations that you'll have, the all too fleeting moments that make us, well, that make us, us.
I love watching you grow.
she watched silently as all the girls primped. she was ready.
I have to wonder how many of these childhood moments you'll remember. I wonder if your recital will stick with you, always.
I know it will stick with me.
You're growing up. Part of me wants to slow you down, but the smarter part of me wants to sit back and enjoy the ride.... every. single. sweet. sweet. second.

And I know we must be doing something right. I know this because I witnessed you graciously hand over your beautiful bouquet of roses to your instructor. What a shockingly selfless thing to do at your age. I was touched. I'm sure Ms. Jessica was, as well.
You are amazing.

ms. jessica- her dance teacher

And for the record, you were right. You did have the best leap, ever.

before her first performance, ever.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Birthday Party

cake eating

The party was awesome. At one point I just stopped to take it all in and found myself sporting a goofy grin. There were so many kids! They were all non-stop playing. It was grand.
And the adults? They all sort of posted up in their I-can-comfortably-view-my-kid-from-here-but-talk-to-another-adult-and-drink-my-beer-in-peace spot. Terrence (Tim's cousin) found his niche. He stayed in the front yard and pushed kids to a frightening height on the swing. They loved it. (So did he.) I wish I'd gotten a shot of that.

From the moment she woke up, Audrey didn't stop talking about her party. I decided to have her help me with everything. We jotted off to get balloons first thing in the morning. She picked out the colors herself. I think she did a fantastic job.

she picked out the colors herself

As if balloons weren't exciting enough, we stopped to get a manicure! It was hysterical to watch her from afar. She did such a great job and I could tell she loved every second of the pampering.

Once we arrived back home all I heard was, "Mom? Can we bake my cake now?", "Mom, the cake. I want to make my cake."....
So, she helped with that too:

She had requested a Maleficent cake. Maleficent, for those of you that do not know, is the wicked fairy, The Mistress of All Evil, from the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty. Aside from Snow White, this is Audrey's favorite movie character. And if you've ever seen the movie I think you know why. That woman deserved an Oscar. Seriously.
the maleficent cake was a hit
At one point I was decorating the cake and Audrey said, "You're messing it up!" I had to shoo her out of the kitchen. Stinker.
The funniest part of the evening for me was watching these kids wait in line for cake and ice cream. I thought there might be a riot at any second. They wanted their cake! Luckily, I had some helpers and everyone was given their dose of sugar before anyone snapped.
blowing out the candles

All in all, it was a wonderful event. It was so great to see the house packed with kids. It was fun to visit with friends and family. And I'm pretty sure everyone had a good time.

Audrey's already planning her party for next year.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

10.5 Months

this is her happy face. it makes me happy too.
So, I typed out this long blog post at work. Shhh! Somehow my draft didn't save correctly. I love you, but I'm not typing all that out again. Sorry. It was quite boring anyway. (Well, except for the part where I tell you about the poopy diaper that I left in my purse for 24 hours.)
Yeah, looked everywhere for the source of the poop smell: shoes, shirt, you know the drill. My purse. It was a delightful discovery.

Anyway, Harper had her shots the other day and she's right on track as far as the growth thing goes. 75th % for height and 50% for weight.
Harper, honey, you are a square. And you have a super cute little bow-legged walk at the moment. Your happy face (see above) doesn't look at all that happy to some, but mom and dad know that you are thrilled when you contort your face like this.

You are starting to eat interesting foods for an 10 month old: spicy black beans, cucumbers and strawberries. I think I might give you a peanut butter sandwich soon. I swear. It's like you're two already.
You are beginning to climb up on things. Stop it. Stop it right now. I will put double-sided tape on the bottom of your feet if you don't listen to mommy. I mean it.

Hearing you say your own name ranks right up there with "I love you." (Which you haven't said yet.) But "Hah!...Pah!!!" is doing the trick for me anyway. So, I'll cut you some slack.

You are getting more and more independent. I love it. I can actually put you down and forget about you for a whole 10 minutes.

I love you Ta-Ta.

she had her shots today.

And I am going to enjoy this time now, before you and your sister start conspiring against your parents. You two are incredibly silly and mischievous when you get together.

the mosquitoes were eating us up outside, so we swam inside