Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring, Hurry it Up.

"T" is for Tottie.

I'm tired of attempting to get good shots of the girls indoors. Our house is too cluttered, dog hair everywhere, you get my point.
Oh, Spring! Would you please hurry it up? We had one bright sunny day last week and it felt glorious to be in the warm sunshine. The day was just a tease it turns out- a fluke. The frosty bite of Winter still lingers. I talked myself out of going to the grocery store tonight because I'd rather stay warm. It's starting to make me cranky, (or at least that's what I'm blaming my bad attitude on this week). Stupid weather.

I want to play outside.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oh, Sweet Pea


I can't imagine how I became so lucky in life.
I think you are amazing.
Our relationship has changed so much over the years and it's been difficult at times for sure. Still, I wouldn't change a thing. I love our life together. I love our little girls. I love watching you be a father. I love that just when I think nothing bothers you, it does. I love that when I pout and whine you tell me to put a sock in it and then grab my feet and tickle them. I love that you are noisy and boisterous and bubbly in the morning and I am not. I love that it takes you longer to get ready in the morning than me. I love that you drive with two feet. I love that you have created your own language with words like, "clomb" and "skirmps". I love that you talk in your sleep. I love that you let me sleep in every weekend. I love that you trust me to cut your hair. I love that you are a romantic. I love that you still sketch in your sketchbook. I love that all of your conversations start with, "On NPR..." (Well, maybe not all of them.) I love that you can still make me laugh, even when I want to spit nails. I love that you picked me to marry. I really love that.
I may not be the best at showing it or saying it, but I love you every day of my life.
Snow in Atlanta!Hawt.counting sheep in his unsleep.The Daddy...the night beforeFinally, the man of my dreams.Now you know what goes on behind closed doors...and this is what we do on saturday night

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It almost feels like vacation.

The weekend has been beautiful, so far. The girls are feeling better after a round of antibiotics and I think Harper's ear infection is disappearing (I hope.) She's been such a different kid this weekend- less cranky and more smiley. She even offered to pay for lunch today!

And yes, like everyone else, we've enjoyed the snow.
Tim enjoyed it the most, I think. He was like such a little kid. He kept looking out the window saying, "Look at this snow! I can't believe it!"
I've also never seen him run so much in my life! We walked to the park down the street and it was as if Tim had found his inner dog. He was running around in circles and teasing the girls, jumping back and forth and laughing haughtily.

Our outdoor fun was short and sweet both days. The girls do not have any tolerance whatsoever for the cold. Once their fingers and toes started feeling numb, they gave little whimpers and we made fast tracks back home. My only regret is that we didn't have enough time to make a snowman.

At the end of the day, after stories were read and snuggles had been had, I found myself remembering my days growing up in Indiana. The brightness of the sun reflecting off the snow, the crisp cold air and the damp snow-soaked jeans brought back so many wonderful memories from when I was about Audrey's age. We used to play outside all day long and when the sun finally went down, we'd run into the garage and wait for our dad to take the straw broom and brush all the snow off of our winter clothes. Then, we'd strip down to our panties and socks and run inside to jump into a seemingly burning hot tub. That's such a distinct feeling- being almost numb from the cold and carefully slipping into a bath, your skin trying to regain its normal body temperature. That happened this afternoon. Harper couldn't take the water. She begged to get out, curled up on my front-side and stuck her little cold hands under my armpit.

I love snow. I'm glad the girls got to romp around in it this weekend.

As Tim and I were tucking the girls into bed, Audrey says to Tim in a tired voice, "I feel like mommy all the time." And I was thinking she meant that she was exhausted, overworked and a tad bit depressed. I asked her, "What do you mean?"
She says, "I want you all the time. I want you to lay down with me and sleep with me."

I just might get rid of the all of our beds and order a king-sized mattress to replace them. We can all sleep together every night. Attachment parenting. I'm all for it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Working on Valentines

I was shocked this evening. Really shocked.
Tottie was watching Audrey make valentines for her teachers. She was sort of drawing on a scrap piece of paper and babbling to herself- just hangin'. Then, all of a sudden, she quickly snatched up the glue after Audrey sat it down on the table and used it like a pro. She placed dots of Elmer's all around her paper and then put the glue bottle down and grabbed up some sequins and pressed them into the dots. I mean this all happened in a matter of a minute. Luckily, the camera was within arm's reach. Unbelievable.
I now know I need to challenge her a little more. She's just a three year old in a one and a half year old's body.

Audrey will be finishing her cards in the morning because she is a true artist and must sleep on it tonight. She's very thoughtful about her creations.
She once responded, "Mom. It's my drawing not yours, " when I suggested that she add a few more details. Who can argue with that?

Luckily, I have tomorrow off and will be able to attend both of their classroom parties. I'm a little disturbed by how excited I am about this. I'm even dressing Harper in red tomorrow. (Nothing with hearts, but red none-the-less.)

What's happening to me?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Growing Art Gallery

So, our dining room has never really inspired me. When we first moved in we used it for its designated purpose. We had a fancy antique table, chairs and everything. It was incredibly boring.
The room has transformed many times over and now, I think I'm finally happy with it.
We moved our small rusty formica table with not a single matching chair out into the kitchen and turned the dining room into a playroom. It was the best decision, ever. And guess what? The kids actually play in it!


The room, although forever cluttered, now has a life and an energy. One of my more favorite additions (besides the shelving that Tim custom made) is the Art Gallery. Audrey loves it, too. I really need another wall or two with all of her creative craftiness. Maybe it's time to add on to the back of the shack? Hm.
AGP_6374 AGP_6377 AGP_6379

And then there are her book reports for school. I just love these. I look forward to doing "homework" with her every week.
AGP_6373 AGP_6560

And Harper has even begun to make her mark:
Isn't that awesome? I want to write a book based on the character "Goodnight".

P.S. The pink violin is on its way. (Or the pink fiddle, whichever you prefer.)