Sunday, June 07, 2009

Swimming Lessons

swimming lessons
You were so excited about swimming lessons. The key word here is "were".
On your first day, we got there, I answered your million questions about the locker room, showers and heated pool . You anxiously sat down right at the edge and watched the previous class finish up.
You couldn't wait for your class to start.

my little swimmer, not.

After you met your instructor, I planted a kiss on your little lips and took Ta-Ta up the elevator to watch from the 3rd floor. The bleachers provided a great view.
I could see you very clearly on your "dock" practicing your kicking while your instructor took your new friend out into the water.
Shortly after I took this picture, I had the biggest scare of my life. I'm assuming it was yours, as well.


My guess is that your instructor didn't warn you to stay on the dock. If she had, I'm quite sure you wouldn't have ventured to the edge.
Yes, right before my eyes, you slipped off the dock into the deep water. None of the instructors noticed. The lifeguard was still casually perched at her post. It wasn't until I hysterically started screaming, "Hey! Hey! She's drowning! HEY!" that one of the instructors realized you were going under for the fourth time. I remember some other moms shouting behind me and I wanted to dive off that railing and rescue you. I waited until I saw that you were safely in someone's arms before I frantically made my way back to the poolside. I distinctly remember saying, "Shit!" under my breath. I knew this would kill your spirit. My heart sank when I thought about how very excited you were to learn how to swim like Ariel, the mermaid.
Finally, the elevator opens and I push the stroller out into the hallway and open the heavy doors to the pool. I was amazed to see that you weren't crying and you still had your legs in the water. I walked up to talk to you and I almost busted out crying. Luckily, I didn't.
"Are you okay? That was scary, huh?"
She nodded.
"But you're not gonna let that stop you from learning how to swim, are you?"
I didn't give her time to answer.
"I'm so proud of you! You're okay. I'm going to stay down here and watch you from over there. Okay?"
She nodded.

I was so proud of her. I really was. She stuck with it.
That's not to say that the rest of the week wasn't pure hell. Each day progressively got worse.
By Thursday, which is the last lesson of the week, she refused to put her suit on. I had to wrangle her to the edge of the pool. It was so frustrating and saddening. I hate that she had to experience that. I shake my fists at the universe for killing her spirit. I'm hoping that this week will be better.

I tried to warm her up tonight, "Guess what Gubby? You have swimming lessons in the morning! Yay!"
Her response? "I don't ever want to go there again. I don't want to learn to swim until I'm 20 years old. I'm never never never going to swimming lessons again!!!"

Wish me luck tomorrow.

Oh, and any advice would be greatly appreciated. I've never had this issue with her. She's always been so excited to try and do anything.

Blah. This stinks.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Happy Birthday Ta-Ta (and Timmy)

Getting Ready for Cake vs. Face
Happy Birthday Ta-Ta!
You had a wonderful party and a fantastic afternoon.
You were on the go the entire time and chatting it up to anyone that would listen.

The cake I made you was just the right size. I drowned it in sprinkles to make it more appealing to you. I thought for sure you'd grab it and squeeze it in your cute little hands but you didn't. You ate about two sprinkles and you were done.

Oooh. Fire.
Your dad even attempted to get you started by putting some icing in your mouth....
Not interested.
We tried!

Face wins. She wasn't even interested in Cake.

Harper, you can now point to your nose, hair and mouth. You know the sign for "more". You can comb your own hair and try to put your shoes on. You can even climb up into a chair all by yourself (a toddler sized chair) and dangle your chubby little legs off the front. You have been dancing and clapping and even singing along to some songs.
You love the book Pat the Bunny and I think your favorite song is The Wheels on the Bus.
You give us kisses all the time- Audrey gets the most.
You love to be outside and cry if someone walks out the door and doesn't take you with them.

You still fight sleep. You throw a fit and lay face down on the ground when you don't get your way. And you'd still rather play in the pantry than with the gazillion toys cluttering the house.
You are so close to speaking a full sentence. Well, I understand what you're saying but most people don't. So, I can't really count that as a full sentence yet, but soon. Soon.