Tuesday, March 17, 2009

9 months

The most important photo of the day
Wow. The 9 month mark has been a big one for you. You got your two bottom teeth! Your dad and I had to laugh because we had no idea that you were teething. All of the sudden, March17th I thought I saw something. There they were, two tiny little sharp teefers.
I also discovered why you won't eat. You hate baby food! You want nothing to do with it. I tossed some steamed carrots on your tray and you gobbled them up. Amazing. A baby that despises baby food. You are something else.
You have also been standing, unsupported quite a bit. You really don't "cruise" around too much, but you'll pull yourself up from the squat position and stand there for a minute or two.
You also clap, shake your head no, and here are the words you say: mama, dada, audrey, no, uht!
Standing alone
You are so funny. You know how to play jokes already. In your eyes I see a glint of humor, a playfulness. This month you are less of a baby and more of a toddler. Your likes and dislikes are becoming very apparent. It's easier to read you these days.

The best part of my day is when I pick you up from school.
It still bothers me that I have to work. It bothers me that someone got to see you clap for the first time and hold your own bottle for the first time. It really really bothers me.
But back to the best part of my day, when I pick you up from school and you crawl over to me, climb up on me and give me a hug.
You do love me.

You also got to see your very first snow.

It seems, sometimes, that she's much happier upside-down