Sunday, March 26, 2006

It's gone baby gone...

I did it. I sold my 1963 Lincoln. WHAT HAVE I DONE?
At least I know that it's now in the hands of someone who will appreciate it as much as I did. I miss that car already. This is the lucky family, and a very nice one I might add:

I think their daughter can't wait until she gets her driver's license:

Note to family: I'm so sorry you scraped your head little one. I hope it's better by now.

Another interesting thing happened today. Some of you may know that Audrey is sick yet again. Well, she's so congested that she can't breath. I thought it'd be a good idea to have her take a shower with me so that the steam could loosen her up. NOT A GOOD IDEA. She hated it, she screamed, it was pitiful. I called for Tim to take her out and transfer her to her regular bathy. He grabbed her under her arms and ran with her to the other bathroom as if she was a stinky diaper that needed disposing of quickly. Speaking of diapers, too bad she wasn't sporting one- I heard Tim shout, "OH NO!" I immediately pulled back the shower curtain, "WHAT???"
"She pooed all over the floor!"
I looked down at my forearm, that was supporting her bum just seconds ago, and saw the poo poo with my own eyes.
"I need a hand here! ANGELA! I need a hand!"
"Well, damn it, let me get out of the shower."
"OH NO!"
"What now?"
"I stepped all in it. It's all over my slippers."
The child had shat all the way from the shower to the other bathroom. She left a trail of poo.
Thank God for hardwood floors.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

GiAnt BABy

I know. I know. I have been so slack lately. There are so many irons in the fire. Ahhh. I tried to sell my car on eBay, and even though 40 people were watching it and two people tried to get me to end the auction early, IT DIDN'T SELL! Damn. I was supposed to ride on that cash for the next three months. I guess I'll have to think of something else. These have been 2 very busy weeks. Here are the highlights: Lindsay Brown came to visit, I've been to the gym every day, Tim and I attended a wedding on Jekyll Island and my baby gots another toof.

I've missed Audrey's 10 Month Update so here it is:
My favorite thing about you is: Your sense of humor. You are so funny and silly. I wonder what you would say if you could talk. I wonder what you are thinking when you give me that all-knowing grin. I can tell you got your dad's HAM-GENE.
The most frustrating thing about parenting is: Trying to juggle everything and still make sure you get 3 square meals, 2 naps and playtime on the floor. The days fly by and I can't imagine going back to work, but I know it has to be done. Who else can be your mommy? Nobody but me....that's who!

What I'm most looking forward to is: I still look forward to you walking. At least you've found it in your heart to utter the word, "Mama", even if it's just once a week. I know you're very close to two-wheelin' it. You climbed up the stairs without looking back, so walking should be a cinch!
The biggest relief would be: If you'd stop falling on your face! I know that this is the perfect example of a 'learning curve' but people are going to think that I'm using you as a punching bag if you don't chill out.
One of the funny things you've done lately: Oh there are so many- Everytime we get in the car now, you take off your shoes and socks. I'm so happy that warm weather is on the way. Also, I decided that I am going to use the word "NO" as little as possible. So, when you reach for things you're not supposed to touch I have been saying, "UHH UHH UHH!" You used to stop and cry, but now you start to reach for it while very loudly mocking me with "UHH UHH UHH!" You still reach out and grab it, but at least you give me the heads up. Oh yeah, one more, (this is not so funny) you can reach up and turn on the water in the bathtub. I know I'm going to have to watch you like a hawk when you start walking. Let the fun begin!

And LOOK! She's growing more hair! Thatta gurl.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Visit with Ethan

Tonight, we had a great visit with Bill, Jen and little Ethan. He's so cute!
On the way there, in the car, Audrey said "MaMa" for the first time. I nearly ran off the road with joy!
That's all for now.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


With as much excitement as we welcome the buds of spring, we welcome a new bud: Audrey's first tooth!

Among other news, Tim will be stylin' next weekend in his new seersucker suit. I wish I could throw down some cash on some new duds, but that ain't happenin'. At lease two of us will look schnazzy for the wedding.
Tonight, we will be meeting Brian for some amazing sushi and his 30th birthday. I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself.
Also, have you heard the new Neko Case release? Christine was nice enough to rip it for me. It's awesome. I especially like the second song: Star Witness. I've only listened to it one time through though. Christine's dog is named Neko and she's famous (well, sort of).
Oh yeah, and our house is finally getting painted. Now, I just need a job and our plan will go into execution phase aught six.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

What a gorgeous day

I think the top of my head is sunburned!
We started off the day with brunch at Asada. The food was okay, I think I ordered the wrong thing. Do you ever do that? Order something that you think sounds better than what you really want? Well, that's what I did. The company was much better than my food.
This picture is hilarious:

Some kid drew this on the patio near our table. Tearist. I love it.
After brunch, we darted out to Roswell to take back my dad's pressure washer (which we didn't even get to use- long story). One of the funniest things of the week happened at dinner-
Matt, my sister's boyfriend actually bit his own finger while taking a bite of his hamburger! BIT HIS FINGER! Hard enough that he jumped up from the table and did a little dance of pain. I couldn't help but laugh. I've never known anyone to bite their own finger. Tongue, yes. Finger, no.
Here's a picture from tonight:

This is the typical look on Tim's face while visiting the parents. I can't take him anywhere!
Oh, and one really cool thing that happened tonight was: I found out that the picture I submitted for Audrey won! Yay! That's two winners. I'm so totally addicted to Flickr. I wish there was some monetary award, but for now it's just braggin' rights.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Red Hot

reading about red
Originally uploaded by My Daily Struggle.
This is a photo that I entered in the Weekly Babies Contest on Flickr. The theme is "RED". I swear I didn't stage this. I DID put the dress on her for the picture, but I was thinking that would be enough, until Audrey so brilliantly interjected by grabbing this book and opening it to the first page...the RED page!
You can click on the picture to see more RED.

Aso, this is such an interesting phenomenon: Mixed Twins. Found on Pez Girl's Site!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Pregnancy has changed me

I just want you to know that I had to put on a regular bra underneath my workout bra before I headed to the gym. I could have used some bandaids too, if you know what I mean.