Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Stats

So, Harper, let's talk about your development some more.
We had your 15 month old visit last week and here are the details:
You weigh 23 lbs. (75th %) and you are 32" tall! (90th %)
Yep, you're going to be tall, like your sis. Great. You are both going to tower over us with your big ol' personalities, stubborness and cuteness. I'll just have to pull out the trusty platforms. Wearing platforms at age 45 is totally acceptable, right?
Poor Tottie, you had to get 3 shots at your last visit. You survived the fist two in your arms and we were on our way out of the office when your crazy mom double-checked with the nurse and yes, you did need one more. Sorry, hon. It was my fault you had to go back in for a poke in the leg. The "shot cry" is always the worst. Kids never scream like that any other time. It's such a distinct cry. I hate it.

Anyway, you are so much more vocal this week. I'm positive, now, that it's because your ear infection is getting better. You are so playful and silly this week- always putting on a show! You had Audrey choking on her gigantic ice cream cookie she was laughing so hard at your antics.

Also, you're becoming such a big girl- going right to sleep on your own without a fuss. This is a huge step for you. It's so nice to not have to hear you cry or whimper at all when I put you down. You're making great progress. I'm so proud of you.
Did I forget to mention that you sang a real song? You carried a tune for the first time in your life. I caught you singing The Wheels on the Bus to yourself. I was in shock.
Also, tonight, you grabbed a blue highlighter and a notebook, laid down on your tummy with you cute little feet up in the air and drew with one hand while holding the notebook with the other so it wouldn't slide around. I mean, that's some serious fine motor skill for a 15 month old! I wish I'd had the camera handy. Next time.

One other thing: I'm so relieved that you and your sister are still getting along remarkably well. What a joy. I keep my fingers crossed that you remain friends.

And Audrey, the next post will be about you. I'm going to showcase your living art gallery. Seriously folks, we've got Audrey drawings adorning every single inch of the house. And there is one drawing that I'm framing for sure. It's amazing.
Stay tuned.

*P.S. When you view this blog, do you see the profile and links on the right? Or is the profile and other stuff only visible when you scroll down to the bottom of the page? I think I may have screwed something up the last time I altered the template. Please respond. I need to know if I should go back in and tinker around. (I really wish I knew how to program and stuff....)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Fine Day

Today could not have been more beautiful.
And I must tell you, I should definitely make a point to be more social. It's actually fun hanging out with people, man! I sometimes let my insecurities with making conversation or feeling uncomfortable around people inhibit me from leaving the house. That's so stupid, really.

Last night, at the last minute I solidified plans with a good pal, a very good pal. Our families were going to meet up early (for a Sunday)- 10am.
After a yummy breakfast we found some free kids! SCORE.
We asked them if they wanted to go to the zoo. Of course, they said yes but only if they could jump in the bouncy house. I think it was a good compromise.
The zoo was surprisingly... not packed! I was amazed that the crowds were minimal and no one annoyed me the entire time I was there. Shocker.
And although I had my camera out the entire time, I refrained from taking your typical zoo shots. Well, I couldn't resist the otters, but I'll spare you the photo.
Tottie managed to nap the majority of the time but woke for the afterparty. She was so good today. The antibiotic must be working because she was just so giggly. Poor bub.

We basically let the kids determine the day. Life just seems easier at a kid's pace.

Welcome fall. Thanks for the perfect weather.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tottie, I don't give you enough credit.

So, I've been busier than ever. It's a good thing but it has left me very stressed. In return, my patience level has been lower than ever.
I'm telling you this because it seemed like Tottie had been extra clingy all week. And I felt like slitting my wrists! Granted, she's been sort of sick, but still. Anyway, I had a hunch it was just me. (I'm giving my kids the benefit of the doubt here. Do you see that?) Well, I traveled back in time via this blog to see where Audrey was at this very same point in her life. And Harper, I owe you an apology. I've been way too hard on you.

Ultimately, I think it comes down to the simple fact that having two kids is much harder than having one. Oh, wow. That was deep, right? What an insight! Well, it's tough. And people who say it's easier with two because the older one entertains the younger one? No. No, they are lying.

Tottie, you are an amazing person and I love you more than the first blustery days of fall.
You are only 15 months and you are taking the caps on and off of markers, drawing on paper, climbing up in your highchair all by yourself, using a fork, drinking from a straw (well, you've been doing some of these things for quite some time), waving bye, saying so many things: ba-ba, lincoln, byrd, belly button, moo, quack-quack, uh-oh!, yes, thank you, you're welcome, more, up!, please, mama, dada, audrey, harper... i mean, the list goes on and on. It's only a matter of days until you speak in full sentences. (Which would be nice. I could stop guessing as to why you are throwing fit number 1,212.)
The other day, I was talking to Tim and put Tottie on the line to say, "Bye Da-Da" and she DID! She said it so clearly. Tim thought it was Audrey she said it so clearly.

Harper, the only thing I wish you'd do that you're not doing all ready is SLEEP THOUGH THE NIGHT!
(I think that might help with my irritability, too. So it'd be in your best interest to get on that already!)
On the serious side, I look around me and see so many people dealing with so many tough situations, quite often, I find myself thanking my lucky stars for you girls. You are worth every sleepless night, every headache, every gray hair.....and I hope you know how much I love you.

Note to self: The photographer has no current family photo. Ironic, isn't it?
totti, just before bed.