Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wyatt Turns One




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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Life Goes On

I'm sure you've figured it out by now- I didn't win A Very Big Award.
Sorry to get your hopes up (and mine, too).
Hopefully, there will be another chance to be recognized by Some Very Important People some other day. I was really looking forward to putting all of your names in a hat...

I'm going to try to fit a bunch of different tidbits into one post. I mean, April's half over! Wha happon?

It was so great to get together with family. The girls ended up with about 5lbs of candy each! Luckily, hiding it in the microwave (our equivalent to the bread box) has worked. Out of site, out of mind.

Blowing Rock.
We were invited to Blowing Rock, NC for a weekend getaway. What an absolutely gorgeous place! The kids were lovin' life. They had 5 other young ones to play with and they never stopped going, going, going (except to eat).

Audrey has begun soccer lessons. I don't believe they'll be playing games this season, just learning the fundamentals. She looks pretty darn cute in her little uniform. Soccer and ballet? Pretty funny combination. Next, swimming lessons for Tottie.

There's one last thing I would like to update you on...
First of all, Harper is just shy of 2 and she's still not sleeping through the night. Which means, of course, I am not sleeping through the night. I've about had it. Who can live like this? I'm not 20 years old anymore. I need my sleep!
Anyway, we had a rough night last night. Both girls went to bed crying. I went to bed crying (just kidding, but it's really getting to me.) I did, however, sleep on the couch because Tim's snoring was keeping me up. I was an irritated insomniac by midnight.
At 2am Harper awoke, again, screaming. I finally decided to let her cry herself back to sleep. I was so tired! About the time I dozed off I heard a loud thud. I stopped breathing. There was no other sound. I thought, "Surely she didn't just fall out of her crib." The silence following the thud was way too long. "Harper?" I said.
I heard the creak of her door and her quick little patter nearing my direction in the dark. She climbed up to join me on the couch and she snuggled in tight.
"Did you just jump out of your crib?" I ask.
"Are you alright?" I ask.
We both began to drift off. I grabbed her little bottom to pull it in closer to me, away from the edge of the couch. I touched marshmallow skin.
"Did you take your diaper off?" I ask.


"Go. Go get your diaper and bring it back to mommy."
She did.
We put it on and relocated to Audrey's bed because she somehow moved to my bedroom to snuggle with her dad.

It's like musical chairs without the music. And without the chairs. And it's not much fun, either.

Does this mean I have to buy her a Big Girl Bed?

Monday, April 05, 2010

Since Birth

Audrey Rose and Kitely Mae.
It never ceases to amaze me how well these two get along, even after not seeing each other for extended periods of time.

Almost five years ago, I was lucky enough to have a very good friend that was pregnant at the same time as me. We also worked in the same building... bonus.
She held my Baby Audrey while she was nine months pregnant. And Audrey was there to see tiny Baby Kitely within days of her arrival.
I can remember sitting at my kitchen table with Suzanne, both of us fumbling over how to nurse our babies and laughing about it. I can remember passing on some of my newborn "expertise"(remember, I was only a month ahead) to her- mainly the awesome discovery of The Sling.
I am so grateful for those moments and many more. It was so comforting to have such a good friend to share all of those New Mommy Moments with, and there were hundreds.

What was even better was that after the kids grew older we continued to hang out. We went for Babies & Beers at the Brickstore and coffee and dessert on other evenings. We did so much together as new parents! And our girls? Our girls have always gotten along like peas and carrots. Always.
A bear upclose and a pea in the distanceDoublemint Twins2005-10-08_0099audrey's going after itGeezersBest Friends!Img0983.JPGsunset over a patch of grassthanks, suzanne!

Even last Thursday, it'd been months and months since they'd seen each other, as soon as Kitely and Audrey laid eyes on one another, they screamed and hugged and immediately began conversing as if not a day had passed since their last meeting.
No awkwardness.
No warming up.

It leaves me in awe. It leaves me incredibly happy to know that at such an early age, she had this little brown-haired, warm brown-eyed, cute-as-a-button, wonderfully polite and kind Kitely to be friends with.

And that their friendship continues to grow.
I hope they'll always be such good friends.
snow white was so excited to spend time with her very first and best friend

Best of Friends

Thanks for the visit Suzanne and Phillip. We love you, too!