Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Little Miles was such a joy to meet.
According to his parents, he had a bit of a rough start being a preemie and all. You'd never know that now! Once they put him on the ground he was trying to wiggle around. Unbelievably strong, that little guy.
Congratulations K + R!

And it is Brazilian tradition to give a sachet to anyone that visits the baby. K gave me two extra for my girls. Thanks guys! The girls loved them!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angela, thank you so much for taking the time to come to our place (over the weekend!) and get the pictures of our little one! We were so grateful that we have the chance to meet you...
The pictures are absolutely lovely... I really don't have enough words to thank you for doing such wonderful job!
Well, the eyes are the windows of one's soul... it seems to me that you live in a beautiful world and have the gift to bring it all to lucky ones like us : )
Thanks so much!


7:14 PM  

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